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5th Annual 2018 U.S. CANINE BIATHLON®
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The Most Rewarding and Fun Filled Event in the K9 Industry

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2018 U.S. Canine Biathlon®

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The U.S. Canine Biathlon has flourished into one of the most amazing, and heartfelt experiences for many of us who have been in the Working Dog Industry for our entire Adult lives. With over 1,000 competitors with canines; It brings people from across the country, of all races, genders, and ages together with others who share their love and compassion for canines of all types. They challenge themselves for the sake of the betterment of the relationship with their canine companion, when they cross the finish line, they all become a part of our unique Biathlon family, bearing the medal which bonds us for a lifetime.

This year, VWK9 is hosting a 2-day event, with Biathlon Festivities on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, May 19th, our Biathloners will storm the 4-mile course, enjoy a festival atmosphere with vendors, southern food, adult beverages, live music and entertainment, followed by a nighttime headliner band – Departure: The Journey Tribute Band.

Spectators and Biathloners can camp overnight in RVs or tents a few hundred yards from the biathlon area. And on Sunday, May 20th Approx. 2pm we will round out our traditional fun-filled weekend with a mass group “Thousand Dog” photo. This is a weekend of fun that you don’t want to miss!

The Biathlon course is comprised with over 30 challenging obstacles, covering 4 miles of mixed and terrain. The course will test a K9 team’s / Runner’s agility, athleticism, intelligence, stamina, and most importantly “heart”. This is a timed event with outlined penalties when there are miscues on the course, competitors & Canines are also awarded time reductions for every year they are over 21yrs & 2yrs (K9). But make no mistake, for most it is not the time that matters but the thrill of the race and the accomplishment of crossing that finish line!

This event is not for profit. Your donation/sponsorship money helps us provide this event for all canines and their humans, while also allowing for donation to several not for profit organizations that support the bonds we share with “man’s best friend”. 2018 will see us!

We invite you to volunteer, register for the race, set up a vendor booth, or become one of our Main Event Sponsors. Our numbers have grown each year! With nearly 5 months left until our START time we already have 500+ paid Registrants, with an additional estimated 500-750 that will sign up prior to Event weekend!

We Sincerely hope that you will consider sponsorship/donation to this heartwarming event. We encourage you to follow us on our Facebook Page or at USCanineBiathalon.com.

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Our Biathlon Family Says It Best!!

“Epic, Insane Course with brilliant set up and management, amazing staff, fantastic K9’s, and the most fun I have had in years! I did this while still on chemo recovering from cancer and if I can do it anyone can.”


“It is incredible to see the Trust and confidence in a dog just blossom on this course.” 

Kelsey Boomer

“Made new lifetime friends” 

Michelle Delaney

“It was a great team building experience for us and our dogs”

Andrea Standridge)

Sponsorship is filling up fast!